Hi, we're Water Heroes

We're a non-profit organization that gives vulnerable local communities access to improved sanitation facilities and a steady, sustainable source of clean drinking water.

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What we do

Non-profit ogranization

Water Heroes is a non-profit organization.
This means that all our actions have one goal:
to maximize our impact and help as many people as we can.

Steady water supply

Globally, 1.8 billion people use a contaminated drinking-water source. Using BOSAQ technology, we provide communities with a steady and sustainable source of clean (drinking) water

BOSAQ technology

We donate BOSAQ water purification systems that can turn any type of water (rain, lake, river, sea) into clean drinking water. These systems are powered by renewable energy, have no negative impact on the ecosytem and can function completely off-grid.

Why we do what we do

663 million people lack access to improved drinking water sources

WHO - 2016

Our team

Jacob Bossaer

Jacob is the Founder of Water Heroes, he is responsible for the daily operations of the No-Profit Organisation. He’s your go-to person in case you have any questions regarding the organization.

Ann-Gaëlle Bekaert

As Ann-Gaëlle is responsible for the marketing and communications in BOSAQ, she will also be in charge of the daily operations of Water Heroes. Do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

Pieter Derboven

Pieter is the CTO of BOSAQ, our technology supplier. He’s in charge of technical product support.

Martin Makyeme

Martin is a Ugandan bio-engineer who volunteers for Water Heroes. His role is to detect African countries who need our help and to coordinate our actions in those countries.

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